Do you have what it takes to be a leader? If so, the brotherhood of NU  SIGMA PHI has a unique opportunity for you. We are looking for motivated individuals who exemplify courage, commitment and creativity, as we seek to re-establish our historic “footprint” on the Kean University campus.

In 1939 a small group of men who were frustrated with the biased criteria employed by other fraternities of the day; based on race, ethnicity, religion or the curriculum the prospective chose to pursue, blazed a new trail and founded Nu Sigma Phi. Light years ahead of their time, they created a fraternity of “individuals”; an organization whose foundation was based on diversity, inclusion and service to others, a commitment that has remained in place for over 50 years.

Nu Sigma Phi takes pride in being part of Kean University’s historic past. Although Nu Sigma Phi went dormant in 1994, its vast alumni network continued to keep the spirit of Phi alive. Today, we invite you to join the new “Phi”, where you will have an immediate opportunity to apply your creativity, enthusiasm and drive in rebuilding our organization for the next generation.

For further information please contact brotherhood@nusigmaphi.com

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