Dear Brothers,

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, winter break has begun, and a New Year approaches, I wanted to take a moment to wish you and your families a safe and happy holiday season and a healthy New Year.

As 2013 comes to a close, we reflect on the many events such as the Polar Bear Plunge and Special Olympics Plane Pull that we as a brotherhood have shared to help those less fortunate in our community. Internally we have rallied to address the concerns of brothers in need. Our collective actions serve to reinforce the pledge we have made for mutual support. Together we continue to uphold our values of fraternity, loyalty, and progress though the ages.

As you know 2014 will be a major milestone in the history of Nu Sigma Phi, the celebration of our 75th anniversary. This will be the focus of the Alumni Association and the active brothers working together to create events throughout the year worthy of our long and notable history. Michael Delicio has volunteered to head this effort. If you would like to contribute to the planning of these events, please contact Mike at

The Nu Sigma Phi Scholarship Fund, Inc. has begun awarding financial aid and continues to develop governance for the two funds we oversee; The Joseph Festa Award and The Progress Fund. Evan Nash is leading this effort and will be sending announcements of the application process in the New Year.

As we all know, an organization is strengthened by the involvement of its members. That involvement is improved by better communications with all brothers. To improve that interaction Jeff Margolies and his team have continued to find and add brothers from all years to the Alumni database and communications systems developed by Bruce Sadowitz and others.

To the active brothers, our hope is 2014 brings a renewed focus on the philosophy and traditions of our evolving brotherhood. Your time at Kean is a gift to be cherished every day. Unfortunately, many of us do not see that value until the day after we leave Kean.

To the esteemed alumni, who have held true to the tenants of Phi, I wish you continued brotherhood and health, enabling us to work together to improve NU SIGMA PHI.


Dan DeWeever


Alumni Association of Nu Sigma Phi, Inc.

Alpha Gamma 1979


2012 wasn’t perfect but Phi made excellent progress!

Dear Brothers,

I write to update you on our accomplishments and to share a few thoughts as we approach 2013. Foremost, I thank all of you who continue to support both the alumni association and the active brotherhood.  Without your support, Nu Sigma Phi would only be a fading memory from “back in the day”, instead of one of the leading Greek Organizations at Kean University. Your hard work and dedication are greatly appreciated.

We have had our share of losses this year and some brothers and their families continue to cope with serious illness. Our thoughts and prayers remain with them during these difficult times while the strength of our fraternal bond continues to provide comfort and support to all.

In 2012, the active brothers have made several notable achievements. On the academic front, Phi continues to receive awards for scholastic accomplishment with many brothers servicing on various student and professional boards and committees. Philanthropically, we have been very active, supporting numerous deserving charities such as the Special Olympics (participating in the “plane pull” at Newark Airport), The Polar Bear Plunge, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer, and the Robin Hood Foundation for Hurricane Sandy Relief as well as hosting Holiday parties for underprivileged children in Somerset, NJ. Most prominently, our actives sponsored a blood drive for Joe Festa as he fought his courageous battle against cancer. This event was the most successful of its type at Kean all year. These achievements prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Nu Sigma Phi continues to foster and cultivate the potential of these future leaders!

At the passing of our esteemed and storied brother, Joe Festa, many of us took pause to consider our own mortality. This introspection launched our effort to create the Nu Sigma Phi Scholarship Fund.  Joe’s family including his wife Donna made a substantial contribution to enrich the fund. We are deeply grateful for this generous offering to celebrate Joe and his lifelong effort to support a brother in need.

As we look forward to 2013, our Alumni Association will continue to support the brotherhood while challenging the alumni to be more. Nu Sigma Phi needs your guidance, experience, and most importantly participation! Is this the year you make time for Phi?

In closing, I extend warm greetings to you and your families and wish you all a healthy and prosperous New Year!

Dan DeWeever


Alumni Association of Nu Sigma Phi

Alpha Gamma, ’79


Election Results – Board of Directors 2012-2014

Chairman   –  Dan Deweever 

Vice Chairman – Keith Stone

Treasurer  – John JT Thompson        

Corresponding Secretary  – Bruce Sadowitz

Recording Secretary – Ray Fortuna       

Scholarship Advisor  – Evan Nash          

Social Chairman – Rob Dechiara    

Director of Fundraising – John Conrad Albrecht

Members at Large  Mike Delicio  &  Paul Madieros 


Voting for the elections for the Board of Directors for the Alumni Association of Nu Sigma Phi concluded yesterday Nov. 9. 2012.  The results will be announced on Nov 16, 2012 at our Thanksgiving Celebration and will be posted on the website. Thank you for your participation in improving the Nu Sigma Phi Alumni Association.  BAAMF

Save the Date     November 16th, 2012

 Brothers of Nu Sigma Phi,

The Fraternity of Nu Sigma Phi will be holding its Meal of Thanksgiving on Friday, November 16th We’re having a reception and Pot Luck Dinner in celebration of Phi and a very special brother, Joe Festa.

We will also be announcing the official launch of the Joe Festa Scholarship Award through the Nu Sigma Phi Scholarship Fund.

Last year was a huge success and we know this year will be even more so.

This is a family friendly event and alcohol free.

Please join us in celebrating the life of a very special brother Joe Festa and all of Nu Sigma Phi.

The Reception starts at 6:30pm and dinner @ 7:00pm

Location: Ruth Horowitz Alumni House, on the East Campus of Kean University

For further information please check the Brotherhood Page on Facebook or contact Michael Delico at We will also be sending emails as more information is available.

We look forward to having you there!

Yours in Brotherhood,

The Alumni Association of Nu Sigma Phi



As the final days of summer draw to a close, we can now set our sights on baseball playoffs, football, leaf raking, pumpkins and most importantly, our Annual Homecoming Weekend!

It all begins the evening of Friday, October 21 with the All Greek Alumni Reunion @ the Harwood Arena. This is a great opportunity to reconnect with fellow PHI Brothers and old friends.  Doors open at 8pm with an admission price of just $10. Pre-registration is required at .

The fun really kicks into high gear on Saturday, October, 22, as we join our Active Brothers in their quest to repeat their “Best in Show” performance at the annual Homecoming Tailgate Party. This year’s theme is “The Jersey Boardwalk” and promises to a blast! The party starts at 10am with games food and fun for the whole family. What a great way to reunite with fellow PHI Alumni and the Active Brothers.

So, “Save These Dates”, we will be contacting you with further information as the events draw closer. As always, we look forward to seeing you!


The Alumni Association of Nu Sigma Phi is holding it’s next meeting at Hailiey’s in Metuchen on Sunday September 25th.

The meeting The Meeting will begin at 12noon. We can, following the end of the meeting watch Football. I hope you all can join us for the meeting and the afternoon.

If you need additional info please respond to this email

YIB. The Alumni Association of Nu Sigma Phi.

For further information, please contact Bruce Sadowitz 732-740-6205


To the Brothers of Nu Sigma Phi,

I sincerely hope this message finds you well and warm. Together in 2010, we have had a momentous year of building Brotherhood and renewing old friendships. While the world around us has dealt with set-backs and difficulties, our Fraternity has enjoyed a multitude of accomplishments and commendable growth. We all should join in celebrating the “Positive Virus” Nu Sigma Phi has become.

This year we have welcomed in 17 brothers, completing the pledging process and in the middle of the journey we welcomed into alumni status 7 brothers. We are now the largest fraternity at Kean and are looking at a spring pledging class which is expected to swell our ranks even further.

Our Fraternity has a philosophy and attributes which have stood the test of time. We have overcome many challenges and a nearly fatal coma to emerge stronger and wiser.

We have made this progress through the contributions of brothers both near and far. These expressions of brotherhood, time, and talent have taken many forms, some as small as an encouraging message on Facebook or an e-mail, to donations of considerable funds and the dedication of enormous amounts of time.  Each in its own way has proven we all honor our pledge to “Come to the aid of a brother in need”.

I and the entire leadership of Phi continue to move Nu Sigma Phi forward. We look ahead to all of you, in your own way; join us in taking this historic and resilient brotherhood forward in 2011.

Our goal in 2011 will be to gather Brothers together in many social and fraternal pursuits to enjoy the fruits of our efforts and as Ray Fortuna said “aim for Progress not perfection”. I look forward to seeing you in 2011 and wish you a healthy new year.

Yours in Brotherhood

Dan DeWeever

Alumni Association of Nu Sigma Phi, Alpha Chapter,
Kean University, Union, New Jersey


It is our High Honor to announce the results of the 2010 Nu Sigma Phi Alumni Association board of officer elections:

These results are hereby certified as of November 24, 2010

CHAIRMAN                                              DAN DEWEEVER
VICE CHAIRMAN                                  KEITH STONE
TREASURER                                            JOSEPH FESTA
SOCIAL CHAIRMAN                            ROBERT DECHIARA
AT LARGE MEMBER                            EVAN NASH
AT LARGE MEMBER                            MICHAEL DELICIO

We congratulate all of the participants. May they serve in the highest traditions of Nu Sigma Phi.


Michael Prociuk
Tony Monteiro
David Pinto

2010 Nu Sigma Phi Alumni Association
Board of officers election committee

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