Alvin Quinones praised for lifelong Human Rights work

Art with a bird’s eye view on social justice

Years ago, from a hotel room in Madrid’s Gran Via, artist Alvin Quiñones was inspired by the bird’s eye view of the myriad of people walking about on the streets below.
“It [the view] allows us to look at people as just “people” and not make any judgments,” explained Quiñones who is an adjunct professor at Kean.
With this premise in mind, Quiñones created a series of works that uses this unique viewpoint to depict groups of people enigmatically.

Article praising brother Alvin Quinones


One such work by Quiñones, who is of Puerto Rican descent, is currently part of the “We Are You Project” art exhibition at the Human Rights Institute Gallery on campus. The exhibition explores the themes of social justice and immigration and features work by Ibero-American artists from the United States and abroad.
Prof. Quiñones standing next his painting, “Palante,” at the Human Rights Institute Gallery.
In addition to the exhibit, the Human Rights Institute held a poetry reading on October 8th and will be holding a film screening on November 9th. Furthermore, a guest lecture and panel discussion is scheduled to be held on November 16th. The “We Are You Project” exhibit, featuring Quiñones’ work, will be on display until January 2016.

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