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Plane Pull for Charity 93,000 Pounds? No Problem!

93,000 Pounds? No Problem!

Posted by Matt Calavano on April 25, 2012

Kean University fraternity Nu Sigma Phi participates in “Plane Pull” event and raised over $1700 for The Special Olympics of New Jersey!

On October 1, 2011, the brotherhood of Nu Sigma Phi participated in the annual “Plane Pull” competition held by the New Jersey Special Olympics. The Plane Pull was first introduced in 1997; and the success of this event has helped more than 22,000 athletes train and compete free of charge, year-round in 24 Olympic-type sports.

During the competition, teams of 20 competed to pull a Boeing 737 plane, weighing over 93,000 lbs., on the united tarmac at Newark Liberty International Airport. Prizes went to the team able to pull the 737 a total of 12 feet the fastest and to the team who can pull the 12 feet in 2 minutes with the lowest combined team weight. The brothers gritted out a time of 9.3 seconds on the speed pull — a better time than four competing PBA forces and a collection of teams with prior experience in the event.

“I am extremely proud of what we accomplished today,” said Matthew Calavano, the brotherhood’s vice-president and team captain for the event. “It shows what we can do as brothers when we work our hardest toward a common goal, and it’s something we can always look back on as a defining moment for our fraternity,” continues the junior business management major.

In addition to the pulling, competition teams are also responsible for monetary donations – both from the competitors and from outside sponsorship through individual donations. On a list 40 teams — which includes four PBA’s, a sheriff’s office, a fire department, and two airlines — Phi sits 9th on the funds raised list with over $1,750 dollars given in donations. “It’s really an awesome thing to see; guys who deal with all the financial struggles of college recognizing the importance of this good cause and being willing to do all they can do to support it. I’m very proud of our guys and have nothing but respect for the efforts of every team,” said senior English major and president of Nu Sigma Phi, Christian Restrepo.

Pulling a plane is about more than good-will and dollar signs; any brother one would ask can attest to the anxiety before undergoing such a daunting task. “You get to the airport and see teams who look like pro athletes and you really start to wonder if you even have a shot, but then grabbing that rope and hearing that whistle is such a huge adrenaline rush, you forget about everyone else and can only focus on pulling as fast and hard as you can,” said brother William Moore, senior earth science and secondary education major.

As proud as the brotherhood is of what they accomplished that day, they are even more proud to let others know more can be done. Donations are being accepted until November 14, and the brothers hope to have surpassed the $2,000 mark by that time. Donations can be made at and following the “Sponsor a Team” Link through use of credit card.

“We’re proud of what we’ve done, but knowing that we can go even farther, and do better is what keeps our fraternity going in everything we do,” said sophomore physical education major, Tyler Solan.

All proceeds collected by Plane Pull teams benefit the Special Olympics New Jersey athletes and help foster the Special Olympics New Jersey mission: providing year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy, and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes and the commun

Donate to Joe Festa Award of the Nu Sigma Phi Scholarship Fund

Now is the time to celebrate a Brother – and come to the aid of many more!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Almost seventy five years ago, a small group of friends, sat around a table at the cafeteria sharing their frustrations over be denied access to the fraternities on campus. As the conversation evolved they learned their rejection was based on criteria such as chosen major, religious beliefs, heritage, culture, and unfortunately in some cases, skin color.

While they may not have realized it at the time, that conversation turned out to be the birth of Nu Sigma Phi. In 1939, our brotherhood was founded on the principles of democracy, community, diversity and inclusion. These values are the cornerstone of our great fraternity and remain so to this very day.

Over the years our fellowship has endured much, but through it all, thanks to the unwavering support of our brothers the spirit of Phi was kept alive. Our motto, “Progress through the ages” is as testament to the strength of our collective bond.

Today, Nu Sigma Phi is one of the largest and most respected fraternities at Kean University.  Since our return, the active brothers have consistently received awards for holding the highest GPA of any Greek organization. Additionally, they have gathered numerous accolades for contributions to the university, surrounding communities and various charitable organizations.

As we celebrate and acknowledge these accomplishments, we must also recognize the perils that face our organization. One, for example, is skyrocketing costs. College tuition, room and board, living expenses, books and supplies have forced some of our active brothers to reduce credit loads, switch to part-time status and in some unfortunate cases; delay attendance outright.

Your donation in the name of our beloved brother, Joe Festa, will not only memorialize his iconic legacy but will help to ensure that future generations of Phi have the opportunity to grow and succeed.

Donations will be awarded to active brothers of Nu Sigma Phi only via the Joe Festa Award of the Nu Sigma Phi Scholarship Fund. Your donations are fully tax deductible as the Nu Sigma Phi Scholarship Fund is a recognized 501 (c) 3 scholarship fund.

Please come to the aid of a brother and make your donation today. Thank you!


Meal of Thanksgiving

Save the Date   November 16th, 2012

Brothers of Nu Sigma Phi,

The Fraternity of Nu Sigma Phi will be holding its Meal of Thanksgiving on Friday, November 16th We’re having a reception and Pot Luck Dinner in celebration of Phi and a very special brother, Joe Festa.

We will also be announcing the official launch of the Joe Festa Scholarship Award through the Nu Sigma Phi Scholarship Fund.

Last year was a huge success and we know this year will be even more so.

This is a family friendly event and alcohol free.

Please join us in celebrating the life of a very special brother Joe Festa and all of Nu Sigma Phi.

The Reception starts at 6:30pm and dinner @ 7:00pm

Location: Ruth Horowitz Alumni House, on the East Campus of Kean University

For further information please check the Brotherhood Page on Facebook or contact Michael Delico at We will also be sending emails as more information is available.

We look forward to having you there!

Yours in Brotherhood,

The Alumni Association of Nu Sigma Phi

Passing of Brother Joe Festa

This message is to inform you of the unfortunate passing of our beloved Brother Joe Festa. He will be sorely missed by all and was a friend to everyone. I will try to keep everyone in the loop with whatever information  as it becomes available but according to Mike Lunga’s posting on Facebook I quote:

From Joe’s wife:

Joe died today at 6:48 AM. I was there, as were other family members.
It was not an easy death. But thankfully he only lived a few hours in the MICU. I refused an autopsy.

The staff wished us a very tearful good-bye.
The funeral will be immediate family only, as we have been through so much.
In lieu of flowers, please make donations to:

Peace and love to you all.

JJ Bittings get together and alumni meeting

Attention Alumni and brothers 21 and up:
Friday night March 23, 2012 we will be having a get-together at JJ Bittings in Woodbridge where we will have a Alumni meeting preceding the festivities. Please put it on your calendar. $50 per person (dates are allowed). There will be 4 hours open bar with  beer, wine, and appetizers are included.

You can pay thru papal (link on right side of this page), or send checks directly c/o Dan DeWeever 55 Elizabeth Ave. Cranford NJ 07016. There is a 30 person minimum and deposit is needed ASAP to secure the date so please be diligent in your response.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!
Thank you, Eboard of the Alumni Assoc. BAAMF !!

Scholarship Fund update

Nu Sigma Phi – Scholarship Fund UPDATE

“The Progress Fund”

The Scholarship Committee
The scholarship committee is lead by the Scholarship Advisor and composed exclusively of a group of responsible Alumni of Nu Sigma Phi Fraternity and, whenever possible, should be assisted by our faculty advisor. The duties of the scholarship committee are:

Evaluate the scholarship program and modify or improve as necessary.
Interview and evaluate candidates applying for scholarship awards

Make recommendations to the Alumni Association of Nu Sigma Phi on awarding funds to deserving candidates

Promote a healthy attitude toward scholastic attainment.

Serve as a liaison with members of the faculty, administration and deans.

Arrange for suitable presentation of financial awards.

Nu Sigma Phi Scholarships are awarded semi-annually to members of Nu Sigma Phi Fraternity and/or students of Kean University on the basis of contributions to Nu Sigma Phi, scholastic achievement, leadership ability, and involvement with Kean University and the surrounding communities.  All undergraduates who will be full time students of Kean University or active members of Nu Sigma Phi, Alpha Chapter, for the semester following the award of Scholarship are invited to apply.

Scholarships are awarded only to Kean University students and must be used to meet direct educational expenses such as room, board, tuition, and books. Monetary scholarships are awarded based upon several key components which incorporate equal and balanced criteria.

Scholarships will be awarded for both the Fall and Spring semesters and applied to the cost of the following semester. All monies will be paid directly to Kean University Foundation for the benefit of the award recipients.

The Nu Sigma Phi Scholarship administrators:

Officers                                   Scholarship Advisor                          Scholarship Committeemen

A.F. Maldonado                  Evan Nash                                               Bruce Sadowitz

Dan DeWeever                                                                                         Mike Delicio

David Pinto                                                                                               Ray Fortuna

Counsel Tax                                                    Accountant

Paul Gregory, Esq.                                       Sean Henderson, CPA



1.   The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of contributions to Nu Sigma Phi, scholastic achievement, leadership ability, and involvement with Kean University and the surrounding communities.

2.   The candidate must:

a)   Be a matriculated student at Kean University with at least 9 semester credits and a GPA of 3.00 or better.

b)   Be in need of financial assistance

c)       Be a full time student at Kean University for the semester following receipt of the award.

3.   Candidates nominated in prior semesters are eligible for re-nomination.

4.   The application must be made before the stated date at the following web address:

Any application received after that date will be disqualified.

5.   At the discretion of the selection committee, the top three candidates shall submit to a personal interview. The committee will rank the three finalists following the interviews.

The winner will be notified in writing of the award and will receive a certificate at the next regular meeting of the Alumni Association of Nu Sigma Phi following the decision by the committee.

In the event any winner does not accept the scholarship awarded, the award or balance thereof, shall be relinquished and credited back to The Nu Sigma Phi Scholarship Fund.

Who is Eligible?  – Full time students of Kean University (Students registering for nine or more credits are considered full-time students at Kean University.) with a minimum if 9 credits prior to application. Preference will be given Nu Sigma Phi members.

The candidate must:

Be a matriculated student at Kean University with at least 9 credits and a GPA of 3.00 or better.

  1. Be in need of financial assistance
  2. Be a full time student at Kean University for the semester following receipt of the award.
  3. The applicant must apply online only at
  4. Students may apply for more than one Nu Sigma Phi Scholarships; however, they may win only one.
  5. Applicants must submit all requirements of the application before the stated deadline.

How Do I Apply, and What Are the Deadlines?

Eligible students should apply in the following manner:

  1. Applications will be available ONLINE ONLY.
  2. The student must complete and submit the ONLINE application by the dates published on the site.
  3. The candidate’s application will be sent to Kean University for consideration of the Committee.
  4. When a student registers to complete the online application, both the applicant and Scholarship Committee will be notified.
  5. Winners will be announced according to the dates specified on the website.

How Will Applications Be Judged?

The Nu Sigma Phi Scholarships provides educational assistance to students of Kean University and exhibit the core values of Nu Sigma Phi:

To educate members of the fraternity and others about the values, traditions and heritage of Nu Sigma Phi and  to preserve this heritage.

  1. To promote democratic principles
  2. To promote and foster school activities and be of service to Kean University community and others.

The Selection Committee judges applications based on the above values. All Nu Sigma Phi Scholarship applications are reviewed by committee. Applications are judged based upon several key components which incorporate equal and balanced criteria.

Who Selects the Award Winners?

The Selection Committee is appointed by the Board of the Alumni Association of Nu Sigma Phi, and consists of brothers who have expressed an interest in fairly and justly evaluating and awarding the scholarship to the most deserving candidate. The Scholarship Committee is responsible for the confidential review of each applicant’s file. They determine the Award winners. All decisions are final.


Welcome to the Brotherhood of Nu Sigma Phi

NU SIGMA PHI has a unique opportunity for you. We are looking for driven individuals who exemplify courage, commitment and creativity, as we seek to re-establish our historic “footprint” on the Kean University campus. Nu Sigma Phi takes pride in being part of the fabric that is Kean University’s historic past. Founded in the winter of 1939 by a small group of men who became frustrated after being excluded by other fraternities of the day, because of their race, ethnicity, religion and the curriculum they chose to pursue. Light years ahead of their time, they created a fraternity of individuals; an organization whose foundation was based on both diversity & inclusion and service to others, a commitment that has remained in place for over 50 years. Although Nu Sigma Phi went dormant in 1994, its vast alumni network continued to keep the spirit of Nu Sigma Phi alive… We now invite you to join the new “PHI”, where you will have an immediate opportunity to contribute your creativity, enthusiasm and spirit in rebuilding our organization for the next generation. To lead the evolution, contact us at

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