Why Phi? – John “JT” Thompson / Alpha Theta 1984

I remember this day clearly. It was my first day of classes at Kean and I was waiting to go into my Psychology 101 class; I noticed a really cute girl waiting too. I decided I was going to sit next to her, at any cost. As we started to shuffle into the classroom I distinctly recall nudging (OK, shoving) another guy out of the way. I got the seat the I was looking for but not in the way you might think. While the cute blonde was on my left (we dated briefly) the person to my right had a profound impact on my college career and beyond.

You see, sitting next to me was Danillo “Danny” Medina, and after a couple of classes and some friendly banter he invited me and my friend Steve to an open tea for his fraternity. We both accepted. Initially, I was suspicious since I never had any compulsion to hang out with a bunch of preppy frat boys and I had already adopted every stereotype associated with fraternities. The brothers at Nu Sigma Phi quickly converted me from staunch resistance to outright optimism. These guys were not “cookie-cutter” jocks or white-bread poster boys for middle-class suburbia, they were…well….like me.

The spectrum of individuals in Phi was immediately appealing to me. The group was diverse, eclectic and somewhat irreverent. Their loyalty to each other was obvious and their energy contagious. After my first open tea, I knew I had to pledge. I wanted to be part of this curious group of characters, if for no other reason than to see what might happen next. The rest, as they say, was all downhill. I was president of my pledge class (something I am proud of to this day) and from Homecoming to Greek Olympics, from induction ceremonies, to our annual book sale and the KCNJ Carnival, my tenure as an active brother was rewarding. The culmination of my Phi life was in 1988 when I was elected president of Nu Sigma Phi (barely edging out my close friend, John Albrecht). I never really thought of myself as a leader back then. Today, I know differently. If it wasn’t for the camaraderie and life-long support of Nu Sigma Phi, I may not have realized my true potential. I am eternally grateful to be affiliated with such strong, divergent individuals whom I consider family.

John “JT” Thompson
Alpha Theta 1984

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